About Midnight and The Meaning of Love

Midnight and The Meaning of Love is a global novel about Midnight, a young, strong, ninjutsu trained man. Midnight married sixteen year old Akemi Nakamura from Japan. At the most intense, hottest, highpoint of their love and union, Akemi’s father secretly captures Akemi and returns her to Japan. Midnight sets off on a powerful, colorful and unforgettable journey from Brooklyn across the world to win back his wife. Midnight meets much more trouble, temptation and danger than he ever imagined.

Who Should Read Midnight and The Meaning of Love?

1. Everyone!
2. Everyone who loves masterful storytelling.
3. Everyone who wants to feel true love.
4. Everyone who loves martial arts, fighting, mind battles, and beautiful ninja female fighters as well.
5. Everyone male and female who wants to be able to evaluate and or change the way that they show and give love, as well as the way that they are being loved.
6. Everyone who loves to learn about different languages and cultures and the diverse and sometimes strange ways that people in other places live and do things.
7. Everyone who loves exquisite scenery and exploring foreign landscapes including; urban, suburban, rural and mountainous.
8. Everyone who ever wanted to journey into Asia not as a tourist, but as a careful observer and potential friend.



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Midnight and the Meaning of Love
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