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  • From Girls to Women: Womanhood
  • From Boys To Men: Manhood
  • The Meaning Of Motherhood
  • The Meaning Of Fatherhood
  • Healing Family Relationships
  • Living A Decent & Humane Life

  • Solution Orientated Student Activism
  • Building National Student Networks
  • Building Meaningful Community Programs
  • The Global Student: Studying/Working Abroad
  • Using Undergraduate Years to Build Business

  • Writer's Workshop Non Fiction
  • Writer's Workshop Fiction
  • Advanced Writer's Workshop
  • The Publishing Process/Industry
  • The Art & Practical Use of the Autobiography
  • Secrets Of The Sister Souljah Writing "Process"

  • An Intense Discussion on: The Coldest Winter Ever
  • An intense Discussion on: MIDNIGHT, A Gangster Love Story
  • An Intense Discussion on: MIDNIGHT AND THE MEANING OF LOVE
  • An Intense Discussion on: A Moment of Silence, MIDNIGHT III
  • An Intense Discussion on : NO DISRESPECT
  • An Intense Discussion on: A Deeper Love Inside

  • The Value & Meaning of Faith: An Interfaith Presentation
  • Building Sustainable Infrastructure and Institutions
  • Power, Money, Violence, Respect & Racism