About Midnight

“Midnight, A Gangster Love Story,” is a PREQUEL to “The Coldest Winter Ever.” It is a teenaged love story, and a close up on Midnight, the mysterious and strong character from “ The Coldest Winter Ever.” It is a powerful tale of a foreigner arriving in Brooklyn at a young age and fighting, thinking, working, his way to new riches and new love, while maintaining his family, faith and culture.

Who should read “Midnight, A Gangster Love Story?”

This novel is for:

1. Anyone of any age, race, color, or creed, who loves a powerful tale with deep feeling and emotion.

2. Teenagers who are thinking about their lives; about family, business, sex, love, marriage, spirituality and our neighborhoods.

3. Any mother who is raising a young son who needs guidance.

4. Any male who is dealing with manhood, what it is, and what it means and the challenges it presents.

5. Any female who enjoys hearing one young man’s true thoughts, no holding back.

6. Any female who wonders, what love really feels like and what it does for you and to you.

7. Any father raising a young son.

8. Anyone who loves to learn about different languages, religions and cultures.

9. Every college student.

10. Everyone who is tired of the same old thing in the books they read and the characters they are introduced to.

* You do not have to have read “ The Coldest Winter Ever” to read, enjoy and understand “Midnight, A Gangster Love Story.”



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