About Winter

“The Coldest Winter Ever” is a beautifully woven tale about Brooklyn born Winter Santiaga, a teenaged ghetto princess, daughter of Ricky Santiaga, a prominent businessman and CEO of a drug dealing empire.

This is a cautionary tale which chronicles the decline of an illegal empire and the maneuvers of Winter Santiaga as she hustles to remain on top.

The Coldest Winter is a classic peace of literature which has sold well over one million copies and continues to sell today.

It is used by high schools and colleges and youth groups across the United States of America and in Britain, Germany and Spain.

This novel is for everyone. Parents may use their own discretion of course, as this book contains real life scenarios including sex.

“The Coldest Winter Ever” Film Rights

Film rights are owned by Souljah Story Inc. and are available for purchase.

All rights to The Coldest Winter Ever are owned completely by Souljah Story Inc. This includes film rights, television rights, theatrical rights, and all ancillary rights.

Rights are now availabe for purchase. All serious offers should be directed to Sister Souljah.

All violations of The Coldest Winter Ever copyrights will be vigorously pursued, legally.

“The Coldest Winter Ever” – Collector’s Edition

This edition has 100 additional pages.

Sister Souljah has written CWE readers notes, author insights, character analysis and descriptions.

Great for everyone who wants to know more about the making of The Coldest Winter Ever, book clubs, students, teachers, and writers.

Available in hard cover or paperback wherever books are sold.

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